We’re Back!

We’re Back!

Like the barber’s kid with the long hair,It's Time!
or the carpenter with the leaky roof,
our website needed some attention.

Some serious attention.

When viewed on a mobile device,
the first thing you saw was,
“Your flash player needs updated.”

Not a good first impression for our visitors.

We knew the best thing for us to do was to start over. We had a lot of “quick fixes”,
and we knew it was going to take time.

On January 2, we took a deep breath and enlisted the advice of “Simply Sell” to start the process to purge and organize our site.

We wanted clean and, we wanted modern.

We wanted easy navigation, and we wanted quick responses to the needs of our visitors.

Thank you for your patience,
and thank you, Simply Sell, for listening to and helping us with a product that truly reflects who we are!
You are always easy and fun to work with!

Stay tuned for tips and posts.
We’ve missed you!

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