Turn It, Tap It!

Turn It, Tap It!

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Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ 9-21-2014

This will be short and sweet.

Summer was filled with commitments, and I decided that fall would be the best option for a vacation excursion.
Shannon’s dad and I are in the Rocky Mountain National Park hiking, photographing, hiking, horseback riding, hiking, exploring, hiking, and breathing deeply.

We have been getting out early to get into the parks with the rising sun,
and we try to leave as the largest crowds arrive.
It truly has been just us and other photographers and artists.

As we make our way back to the parking lot, I have seen so many people using devices to photograph the natural beauty of fall in the mountains, and I wish I could help them with a few tips.

#1: When you are shooting video, turn your device, whether it is your phone or a tablet,
to landscape (sideways) mode.


And while we’re at it, notice the term “landscape”.
Use that to take pictures of “landscape” and “portrait” (up and down) for, (you guessed it) portraits.

Please RotateMost of the time, though, I would recommend landscape for everything,
especially those shots where you place  yourself in front of a beautiful background.

If you ever want to use your pictures to add to a video or slide show,
this will help eliminate the black borders on the sides you so often see.

#2: After composing your picture, tap the screen where you want to focus.
This will autofocus the point that you want to emphasize and will help center more light there.

Bonus Tip: Divide your picture into “thirds” horizontally and/or vertically.
Avoid putting your subject in the “center” of your composition.
It is much more pleasing to the eye when it is off-centered either vertically or horizontally.

We hope you take time for yourself and your family.
Get outside and so something “selfie-worthy” and practice these three quick, easy tips.
As for me, I am headed up the mountain to do the same!

We’re Back!

We’re Back!

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Like the barber’s kid with the long hair,It's Time!
or the carpenter with the leaky roof,
our website needed some attention.

Some serious attention.

When viewed on a mobile device,
the first thing you saw was,
“Your flash player needs updated.”

Not a good first impression for our visitors.

We knew the best thing for us to do was to start over. We had a lot of “quick fixes”,
and we knew it was going to take time.

On January 2, we took a deep breath and enlisted the advice of “Simply Sell” to start the process to purge and organize our site.

We wanted clean and, we wanted modern.

We wanted easy navigation, and we wanted quick responses to the needs of our visitors.

Thank you for your patience,
and thank you, Simply Sell, for listening to and helping us with a product that truly reflects who we are!
You are always easy and fun to work with!

Stay tuned for tips and posts.
We’ve missed you!