Monday Morning Message ~ 8-1-2011

North Star artwork on this web site copyright by Peter H. Reynolds/ FableVision

Through Twitter, we have become “online friends” with Terry Shay. First introduced to us as @tjshay, Terry teaches grades 4-12 vocal music and computer instruction at North Tama School in Traer, Iowa. He also teaches Computers and Instructional Technology for Upper Iowa University.

As their “Lead Ambassador”,Terry was the first to introduce us to FableVision. We first met Terry f2f at the NECC Conference in Washington, DC, (now known as ISTE) at the FableVision booth.

If FableVision does not sound familiar, you will soon recognize it as you explore these links.  Peter H. Reynolds is the artist behind FableVision which is a company co-owned by twins Peter and Paul.  

(I know, I know… I wondered where “Mary” was, too.)

The Wikipedia link provides a quick over-view,

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FableVision ,

or you can go directly to their website for educators at:


Peter is an amazing artist and you can find more about him at


He is also the illustrator for Guyku, my favorite current book of poetry.
As a mother of four boys, I can relate to this book, and any teacher will, as well.
I dare you not to fall in love with it.


What we would like to share with you this “Monday Morning”, are the resources that FableVision provides for teachers at:


Included is clipart that can be used for lessons, or for your classroom website.



There is also a FableVision Learning Blog with additional resources.


I personally love his whimsical pictures, and they would find a place in my lessons, both on the SMARTBoard and my website.

We would also encourage you to sign up for their monthly newsletter with updates on offers of free posters and clipart, grant opportunities, and the latest news from FableVision.

Have fun with these as we begin to refocus on “Back-to-School”.

North Star artwork on this web site copyright by Peter H. Reynolds/ FableVision
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  1. Terry says:

    We love Nancy and Shannon (Recess Tec) and the great work they do! Thanks for including us on your blog! We are so grateful for the great work Ambassadors do around the world.

  2. Julia Young says:

    Hi Nancy and Shannon,

    I think I speak for all of us here at FableVision Learning in thanking you for this wonderful blog post! We greatly appreciate your support — thanks for helping us spread our mission, and for pointing educators in the direction of our website and FableFlash. (I actually serve as editor for the Flash, and it’s wonderful to hear people spreading the word about our newsletter.) I’m glad you’ve found our resources helpful!

    We’re so luck to have you on our Ambassador Team! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you on your journey.



    • nbrach says:

      Thank YOU…
      We were honored to be asked to represent FableVision as ambassadors,
      and love the commitment you represent in quality books and resources for our children and our educators.
      We are excited as we continue to find more and more ways to share what you have to offer…
      Nancy and Shannon

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