Mouse Hover

Mouse Hover

Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ 10-26-2014

Don’t click!

Yes. We have clicked.
Or someone we love has clicked.

And we’re also guilty of “rookie downloads”.
And we cleaned up our mess.
And have helped others clean up theirs.

We have a lab of twelve laptops that we provide for attendees when we host our own workshops.
They click.
We clean.
And we learn.

We understand that spammers are getting smarter.
Now they hide behind logos and companies that are reputable and companies we trust.
Like Microsoft.
And GoDaddy.
And Google.

We often receive emails asking whether a letter or a link is legitimate.
We always say, “When in doubt, don’t.”
When the spelling or grammar is questionable,
that should be another “red flag”.

Here is a tip to help determine whether the link is really what they claim it to be.
Use the “mouse hover”.
That is, hover over the link with your mouse, and the actual web address will appear in the lower left hand corner.
(Click on each of the images to enlarge.)

Mouse Hover Bad Link


Mouse HoverIf you’re still not sure, do a Google Search to find out more.
Often you will be directed to a forum where you will find more information.

If a phone number is involved, you can use the “White Pages” app and do a “reverse phone” lookup.

Microsoft Scam
This will often provide more information that will keep you safe.

White Pages iTunes App
Click here for the link to the iTunes app.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Remember the “mouse hover” tip is the most helpful.

It’s a beautiful fall weekend with amazing weather.
We hope you have a chance to unplug, get outside, and to enjoy some time to regroup and refresh as many of you begin the second quarter.