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Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ 7-29-2012

It seemed right to feature this tip this week.
It’s the week of the Olympics!

My kids have always been involved in athletics.
As my youngest joined her older siblings,
Shannon fell in step right behind them.
She tried many.
Volleyball, basketball, softball, track, and finally,

(Did I miss any, Shannon?)

Cross-country seemed to be her “best-fit”, and was the foundation for her adult life as she began thinking more about fitness and nutrition,
and less about weight.

Together, Shannon and I have discovered that the best “diet” is exercise.

Add to that equation good, healthy food, and we work hard to stay healthy.
(Well, Shannon works a LOT harder.
She is a “Rock Star” of cooking and eating healthy.)

Over time, though, we sometimes lose ground.
The weather might keep us inside, limiting our exercise options.
Deadlines and commitments require that we sit at computers and devices working long hours.

Before you know it,
the numbers on our bathroom scales begin to creep up,
and we just don’t feel good.

This spring Shannon took some active steps to reclaim her health and fitness,
and one important piece of that process is an app that is supported by a website.

My  Fitness Pal is a website and an app available on the iPad, Android devices, and even the Blackberry and Windows smartphones.

It is very easy to use, and FREE.

You need to register for an account, enter your personal data to establish goals and expectations, and you are on your way.

The more you use it, the easier it is to log what you eat and your exercise.
The food database contains over a million food items that can be searched and entered.
Once you enter a food item,
it is easy to retrieve and record the data attached to it.

It is literally a “click” to check a box.

Support is also there when you suggest and “friend” others using this app. When I saw how well Shannon was doing and when she explained how it works, I logged on and made an account, along with several family members.

Why is this our “Tech Tip of the Week”?

It has also become my personal “teaching tool”.

I have learned so much about nutrition and what I can and should eat.
For example, I can pile fresh strawberries and blueberries onto my cereal in the morning for 80 calories while eating 7 (SEVEN) Tostitos is 140 calories! 140!!

For only SEVEN!?

And a fruit-filled breakfast is a lot prettier than some pasty-white chips made out of white corn.
Just sayin’.

Each time I take a walk or lift a few weights,
it’s like “buying” calories.

Tomorrow is Monday,
so whether or not you need to lose or gain some pounds,
Shannon and I encourage you to head over to My  Fitness Pal
and start the week working toward a healthier you.

Maybe it’s time to find your greatness…

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