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Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ 10-23-2011

We’ve been using a free down-loadable program from called “Fences”.

If your desktop looks like a teachers’ lounge refrigerator in May*,

“Fences” might be something you can use.

At least when your I.T. does a remote to fix a computer problem,

you won’t feel like apologizing for all of the desktop icons.


And we’ve seen it used on several I.T. personal computers, too.

Check out the video,

and visit this link to download this little program and clean up your desktop.

In no time, at all, your desktop will look like this.

Then, take a break, unplug, and promise yourself a little “outside time” to give yourself some fresh air before your weekend ends.

Have a great week…

*(Full of “stuff”.)


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