Reinvention vs. Resolutions

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Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ 12-18-2011

Only one more week.

A short week.

You can do it.

I took two subbing jobs last week, and I felt your pain.
Indoor recesses + Christmas programs + Christmas Season + a “Sub” = Ugghh!

So, let’s move on and look ahead.

I’m going to share two sites that might give you something to think about and possibly motivate you to get through the next couple of weeks.

One of them has become my “friend”, but the “Day Zero Guys” have added a “new twist”.

Day Zero was a site I shared with you back on October 3rd. I created my “Bucket List” and have been slowly adding to it, checking things off of it, and it has kept me focused on so many goals. Some, I admit, are frivolous, but some are very, very important. I have kept my “List” open to share with others, and that has helped me stay accountable.

Now Day Zero has added “7 Things X 2012”.
Rather than the standard resolutions,
Day Zero suggests seven goals for the new year and a platform to share those goals with others.

The seven areas that they suggest are:

  • learning something new,
  • developing a new habit,
  • breaking an old habit,
  • taking a vacation (maybe someplace different?),
  • searching for something (possibly something new in your life?),
  • trying something new, and
  • improving a personal characteristic.

I am very task/goal-orientated, and this is something I would definitely share with my students. It seems that by the time we return from our holiday break, the New Year has begun and it feels too late to begin personal goals. This site might give students something to think about over their break, and a way to share the personal goals they have set for themselves.

The lessons we teach in our classrooms aren’t always about academics.

The second site is “The Daily Nudge”.
This is a free site without advertisements that promises to help you make changes by emailing you daily reminders to stay the course.

“Change takes time and repetition, like drops of water changing stone.”

Hopefully, these ideas will give you a fresh way to view the New Year as you close your classroom doors this week to join your families in celebrating the holiday season.

I’m going to do the same as I “unplug” and focus on Christmas and family.
With that, Shannon and I want to wish all of you the very best Holiday Season filled with priceless memories and for those traveling, a safe journey.