Hey Thomasboro…Did We Leave Our Chocolate Basket?

SMARTBoard workshops

As I was packing up the car last night for our week in Maroa-Forsyth, I noticed something was definitely missing from our “stuff”.  The saving grace to some workshop participants to get them through the day.  That’s right…the beloved candy basket.  I think we left it with the wonderful teachers at Thomasboro Elementary School.  These teachers ROCKED!  We spent two days with them last week and can honestly say they cranked out more Notebook files than any other group of teachers with whom we have ever held a Make and Take.  They are SO prepared for the beginning of school.  We helped teachers make lunch count slides, behavior management tools, classroom management tools, incentives, as well as a myriad of vocabulary lessons and interactive templates.  HOLY SMOKES…they were on FIRE!

So…Thomasboro…Did we leave our chocolate basket in your lab?  Because I can’t find it anywhere. And if you DO have it…please feel free to keep the leftover chocolate.  But could you give the basket to JR for delivery to Oakland?

This missing piece of gear, prompted a quick pitstop on my way to meet Mom this morning.  At Wal-Mart,  I grabbed a medium sized plastic bowl along with Hershey Chocolate Nuggets, Hershey Kisses, and Lifesavers for our participants today. (Don’t worry, I paid for them.) 

And quite frankly after listening to me blabber about proper SMARTBoard integration for 2 hours…they NEEDED it…BADLY!

This picture was also featured as our “Moment” of the day.  Check it out!

Glob = Globe

SMARTBoard Turning Point workshops

Grrr… I hate typos.  I mean I really hate them.  It makes a person seem ignorant.  Like they can’t spell.  When in fact that may not even be close to the case.

Case in point.  I have been working all day on this week’s workshops for the Maroa-Forsyth School District.  Mom and I are headed over to Maroa High School for a 3 day training this week.  We were there last year and had a great time with the staff members that gave up part of their summer break to attend our beginner SMARTBoard sessions.  Well I decided, at the last minute, that I wanted to change some of the presentation as well as create a more detailed handout.

So…out came the external hard drive as well as the Turning Point to do some screen captures.  I wanted to include these updated screen captures to the handout to make things as clear as possible. 

(I hate it when I attend a session and things seem crystal clear only to return to a handout a month later and have absolutely NO IDEA what it means. Consequently, I try to avoid that for the participants in our workshops!)

So after getting all of the handouts finalized, creating viewable on screen PDF forms of them all, and creating the printed packets….you guessed it.  I found a typo.  Click on the glob icon should have been click on the GLOBE icon. 

So now the dilemma.  Do I point out my typo and plead with my workshop participants to believe it when I say I am not a complete idiot?  Or do I kill a tree and throw out the old handouts on account of one silly little e?

Grrr…  Have I mentioned that I hate typos?