Everything I Know I Learned From My Mom…

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…ok…well, not EVERYTHING.  But today during our afternoon session, Mom did teach me something.  It is definitely a short cut that I will be showing my 4th graders this year while in the computer lab.  When I have students go online to gather pictures for a multimedia project, I always send them to the Microsoft Clip Art site.  This site has high quality stock images that have no copyright restrictions for student work.  It is also SAFE.  I have never seen any inappropriate images on this site.

Once the students find the image they want to use, I have them copy and paste, or drag and drop the image into a powerpoint slide.  The students then right click on the image and “save picture as…” to the desktop or some other easy to find location.  Today, while demonstrating Animoto, I showed this method of gathering images to our group.  Mom asked, “Why don’t you just drag it into a folder?”  My response was something like…awkward pause…”Uhhhh….I didn’t know you could do that.” 

What you heard next was a rambling mixture of my mom saying, “Try it,” and me sighing and making remarks like…cool…and duh!

So there you have it folks.  Another useful tip learned during a workshop with my mom!  Here are the screen captures of the exact picture I “tried” during our session.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

If I am the late to the game in using this new method of downloading images…well…better late than never.  If you didn’t know about this, you have my mom to thank!

Thanks Mom.

Oh…I almost forgot.  She also shared a new online timer with me today.  I know there are many available, but I hadn’t seen this one.  Egg Timer  Check it out for yourself.