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Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ 2-3-2013

On September 12, 2011, I wrote about “Safe Share TV”.
Since then, we have found another site that allows you to not only share YouTube videos safely, but to search them safely.

Filters to YouTube continue to be lifted in schools,
and for teachers, it requires us to be responsible and handle this site with care.

To keep our students safe from “trolls”, inappropriate site “suggestions”, and comments, we can use sites like “Safe Share TV” or A Cleaner Internet.

CleanerInternet2A Cleaner Internet”  is available as both an CleanerInternetiTunes app,
and an extension for Foxfire, Chrome, and Safari. Once added to your “plugins”, the extension will open YouTube in a “safe/clean” view without anything to distract your search and viewing.

I have added the extension to all of my browsers, and I have downloaded the app.
They all work great and I would recommend them to anyone who wishes a “protected view”.

As I finish writing this post, the sun is trying to shine through the clouds, and I see some patches of blue sky.

I hope everyone finds some “outside” time before the “game”,
followed by a great week!


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Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ 4-29-2012

Whenever I think of “sharing” anything,
for a “nano-second” the phrase “chair-sharing” pops into my head.
It’s a connection that I can’t “shake”,
and is so old that my students cannot even relate to it.

Years ago,
when my children were young,
and Sesame Street was just as young,
the “Golden Hour” was when they sat transfixed watching our local PBS channel and their favorite show.

I seldom watched the skits,
(I knew my alphabet, how to read, and my numbers),
but I listened while I used my “Golden Hour” to clean, pick up, and do the dishes.

Over and over again, I heard Bert and Ernie as they solved life’s little problems,
and reinforced the lessons I tried to teach my children.

With a house filled with children,
“sharing” was an absolute.

So, today, on this rainy Sunday,
I would like to teach you something about “sharing”.


It’s free,
with nothing to download,
nor to join,
and easy.

You can share your screen, or part of your screen with another computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.

With an email, that contains a link or a code,
all that is needed is a quick “run” of a java app,
and your screen is instantly and clearly shared with anyone else.
You also have the option of texting the code and link to a smartphone.

Once the “share” has started, you can pause the share, and resume it.

What a quick alternative to creating “screen-shots” when all you want to do is “share”.

Check it out.

Sharing is a good thing.