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Monday Morning Message ~ 5-9-2011

Shannon and I  have recently each purchased an iPad2.

We are playing learning the benefits, down- loading apps, and are discovering the endless potential they have to motivate and engage our students to learn new things.

This summer we will host our first iPad workshops, and our biggest challenge will be to narrow it down to three hours!

This week’s tip is brought to you courtesy of my school’s librarian, Mrs. Muzzy. She is as excited about technology as we are, and when I brought the new iPad2 to school, she stopped by to take a look.

As I was showing her some of the apps I thought she might like, the screen began to rotate to as it does when you turn it from “portrait” to “landscape”.

She shared a tip that I have shared with several people, and it immediately made our lives easier.

If you double-click the “Home Button”, the viewing screen will lift upward to reveal your reccent apps.

If you push those to the right, you will find some setting options that will allow you to lock your orientation, dim or brighten the screen light, and if you are using multimedia, those controls are available to you, as well.

If you slide it back to the left, you will return to your most recent apps.

To return to the full screen, just simply tap above on the screen once.

Fun, yes?

We thought you would like that…

Thanks for the tips, Mrs. Muzzy!

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