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Monday Morning Message ~ 6-6-2011

With rain in the forecast, we found ourselves inside for recess during the last weeks of school. Students begged to work in the computer lab on their final project of the year. We had transformed an old activity that moved them as water droplets through stations that represented different scenarios in the water cycle. Using Photo Story 3, they gave their droplet a personality and used it to narrate their “journey” through the cycle.

One afternoon, as we began working in the lab, some students logging in, some typing, and some adding pictures to their project, several found the “WaterPhotoStory” suddently missing. Several panicked, worried that all of their hard work was gone, and I was sure it was a case of someone having mistakenly dragging or deleting the folder.

I did a quick search for one of the projects. From “Day 1”, my students are taught to save their projects using their first name followed by the project title, which saves time searching, saving, and viewing.

I quickly found the file, right clicked on it, and clicked on the properties. It gave me the address, and I could see that the entire “WaterPhotoStory” folder had been dragged into the “Explorers” folder. The address, working backwards, will lead us back to where our files are stored.  Then it was only a matter of opening the “Explorers” folder, finding the “WaterPhotoStory” folder, a quick right click on that folder without opening it, cut, and then proceeding to the folder where I wanted it placed, another right click, and then paste.

G:Usersstudent5th gradeBrachbillStudentsExplorersWaterPhotoStory

Working with students in the lab can sometimes be frustrating, but if you know some of the solutions to problems that are bound to occur when working with kids+computers, you can save time and you and your students will have a lot more fun!

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