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Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ 1-8-2012

Lately I’ve been reading some updates on Twitter and Facebook describing the need for reading glasses.

Usually these updates generate comments from “friends” who are feeling their pain.

The consensus is that basically, this whole “aging-process” stinks.

Now, I am older than most of our followers, friends, clients, and peers.

Quite frankly, I am very happy to be getting older.

Sure beats the alternative.

Reading glasses are part of my wardrobe, and can be found on my nose or on top of my head.

(Sans the pearl neck-chain.)

And in my classroom, there were several pairs found in many convenient spots.

However, if you find yourself at your computer without those stinkin’ things,
here is a quick, free solution.

Download a virtual screen magnifier from our friends at Source Forge.
You will have the option of placing a shortcut on your desktop, and I have placed one on my taskbar.

Click on the icon, it appears, move your mouse to view, and click to remove it.

Simple. And we like simple.

This tool can also help your students with special needs while viewing web pages with small font. There is no longer a need to reset your screen resolution to meet their accommodations.

With this post, we start the new year.
We hope all of our friends had a wonderful holiday,
and are back “at it” with a refreshed sense of spirit and commitment.
We look forward to seeing many of you again, as our schedule begins forming for the coming months, and most of all, we look forward to teaching and learning as we prepare for our sessions.

Have a great week!

iPad: Communication Possibilities for Autism

App Review iPad2 tips

Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ 10-30-2011

I stumbled up on this article and video yesterday,
and knew I had to share.

Even though there is a touch of skepticism in the reporter,
you could hear the tears and the joy in Lesley Stahl’s voice as she witnesses the personal way the iPad has made a difference in the lives of individuals with autism.

Please take some time to watch this video,
and below you will find links to the apps that are mentioned in the story.

As a teacher, and possibly a parent, be sure to have a box of tissues close at hand…

Click her to watch CBS News ~ 60 Minutes





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