International Dot Day 2014

International Dot Day 2014

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Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ 8-31-2014

So excited! It is almost here.
That time of year again. International Dot Day.
September “15ish”. The very first time we wrote about
FableVision and the teacher resources this company provides
was in a “Back-to-School” post three years ago. For links to classroom
resources, we encourage you to revisit that post. It’s been a year since our
post detailing “International Dot Day”. This event was founded by our good friend,
T. J. Shay, and it has grown exponentially. We had the good fortune of meeting up with
him at ISTE this past July when we were invited to a FableVision event. We were so excited
to also finally meet Peter H. Reynolds, the author and illustrator of “The Dot”. He presented
both of us with a signed copy of “Going Places”, the latest book written with his brother, Paul
Reynolds. This book describes “maker children”, a little girl and boy with big imaginations. Follow
the link to learn more about this book and its classroom resources. And now it’s, once again, time
for “International Dot Day”. A week ago, the count was up to over a million participants from 64
countries. Every year the number grows and the message is spread. This year, Terry Shay has added
“Celibri-dots” with inspired “dots” from authors. The first post was on March 9, 2012 and features
the dot submitted by Sharon Creech. This little blog is an endless source of inspiration with dots
that reflect the special talents and personalities of their creators. It’s the perfect stage to share
ideas and inspiration. But first, where to begin? Begin at the beginning. Begin with “The Dot”
written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. Read the story of Vashti and her reluctance to
share herself on paper. With the encouragement of her teacher, she finds her inner
creativity and enthusiastically fills page after page with her mark. Then use your
imagination to help your students make their marks. We have listed many
resources below to help you and your students celebrate International
Dot Day with us. We are looking forward to seeing what your
students create and hearing your voice on #DotDay.
Only 15 days left! Let the planning begin,
and join us in and make your mark.



Listen to Shannon as she shares her own version of “The Dot” and the colorful “Marks” of Tuscola CUSD #301 students…

International Dot Day

International Dot Day

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Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ 8-11-2013

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.”
  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Almost two years ago, we wrote about Fablevision, and some of the resources they have to offer to classroom teachers.

Since then, we were invited by Terry Shay to become Fablevision ambassadors, which we were proud to accept.

As I have shared with many of you in our recent workshops, I have accepted a 4-week substituting job in Shannon’s school district teaching fourth grade.

I can’t deny that I am excited and looking forward to this job.
These first weeks have always been one of my favorite parts of the school year
when we are all excited about the possibilities,
and the aroma of new crayons fills the air.

I will be in the classroom from “Day One”,
and as I looked at the calendar to begin my plans,
I noticed another date.
“International Dot Day” ~ September 15, 2013.
My temporary term as a fourth grade teacher will end with “Dot Day”.

The concept for “Dot Day” was created four years ago by Terry Shay when he shared Peter Reynolds’s “The Dot” with his students on the day it was first published. Since then, it has grown to be an international event.

Last year there were over 850,000 participants in this celebration. With this post, we invite you to celebrate, as well.

As you read more about “Dot Day” at “The Dot Club” website,
please take time to sign up to join the celebration. You will find a link to download a free educator’s handbook, and a seemingly endless source of ideas and inspiration.

We also encourage you to follow the “International Dot Day” Facebook page to stay current with reminders, suggestions, ideas and ways to collaborate.

With this, I want to share my absolute favorite video about “International Dot Day”.  Here you will listen as Shannon shares,
(with permission from Peter Reynolds, the author himself!)
Peter’s story, and the pictures the students at North Ward Elementary School in Tuscola, Illinois created for “International Dot Day”.