Feedly Mini Chrome Extension

Feedly Mini Chrome Extension


Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ June 14, 2015

Over two years ago, I wrote a post introducing Feedly, an RSS Reader that I have come to rely on to keep up with my favorite blogs and authors. The Feedly Mini Chrome Extension has simplified managing posts and sharing information through social networks.

This week, we traveled from upstate Illinois presenting in Quincy and then on to St. Louis, Missouri, adding several new followers to our Facebook page and new subscribers to this blog. I was asked about subscribing to our blog, and I thought about how I manage my subscriptions. We rely heavily on our Twitter Professional Learning Network to collaborate and to share new ideas and ways to use technology in the classroom. Blog posts and informational updates are essential in sharing resources, and we are both motivated and diligent in our attempts to stay as current as possible. Online resources are an invaluable tool, and organization and management of the information is a must.

The Feedly Mini Chrome Extension is free through the Chrome Webstore.

Feedly Mini Chrome Extension2

Once you have added it to your Chrome toolbar, you can access your Feedly subscriptions by clicking on the Feedly icon.

You also have the option of “showing” the Feedly mini icon in the lower right corner of your browser.

Feedly Mini Chrome Extension3

When you have found a page that you wish to follow, you can quickly add it to your Feedly subscriptions. You can also bookmark it to read later, and share it through email, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also tag it to enable faster access through your Feedly subscription search results.

You can read more about this extension here. In their words…

* Add websites to your feedly
* Save pages for later
* Email pages
* Tweet pages
* Share pages on facebook
* Save pages to Evernote
* Curate and tag pages

Feedly Mini is a Chrome browser extension that keeps you connected to your feedly, allowing you to easily save, tag, share or subscribe to the great content you find each day.

Feedly is the world’s most popular RSS and blog reader with more than 15 millions users. RSS re-invented.

We’re all about keeping it simple…

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Another Google Goodbye

app iPad tips

Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ 3-17-2013

I know.
I’ve been absent.
My first “Retirement Trip South” has brought me home
motivated and ready for spring.

Lots of projects and ideas have floated around in my head,
and I am ready to work with new energy and a fresh outlook.

So, here we go with the second set of “100 Sunday Sit, Sip, and Sync Technology Tips”.

On July 8, 2012, I shared “Good-bye iGoogle”.

This past Wednesday,
Google announced that the Google Reader will also be “retired”.

The full story can be read HERE.

We have been loyal fans of Google Reader and
I have used it as my “go-to” site for my morning reading.

After learning about the end of the “Reader” and alternative options,
I felt a bit overwhelmed by the choices,
and as we often tell our workshop attendees,
I decided to pick one and to go with it.

This is where I share it with you.

When you navigate to their website,
you will find a message greeting you:

“More than 500,000 Google Reader users have joined Feedly over the last 48 hours. Welcome on board.

It appears that they are working hard to make the transition smooth and easy as those of us who have depended on our “Reader” grab at a new way to stay on top of our feeds.

Once you have created an account and have logged in, 
you will find all of your Google Reader subscriptions.

They assure us that once Reader has been powered down, 
that you will be able to continue to have access and will be able to manage your subscriptions.

They have an “app for that
and this morning I downloaded it on my iPad and have been working through the features.

I like it.

It combines the simple “listing” of Google Reader
with the “magazine” format of “Flipboard”.

I am still working through the features and the feel of it,
but I know that as I use it,
it won’t be long before I am easily navigating through my feeds with my morning cup of coffee.

I can sit at my computer,
or while on the road,
I can use the iPad to stay current.

If you need a reason to procrastinate with that stack of papers to grade,
check out Feedly.com.

Now, though, it’s time for me to grab my coat and get a walk in before the rain or snow or whatever else they are predicting starts to fall.

Have a great week!