William Tell

William Tell

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Sunday Sit, Sip, and “Sync” ~ 9-14-2014

When my kids were little,
I was their “Countdown Timer”.
When it was time to pick up toys, we would work together in a race while I “sang” (sort of) the William Tell Overture. Several times a day, this worked for years.
It wasn’t necessarily something I could use with my students.
(Although I won’t deny resorting to that every now and then.)

Now we have “digital tools”.
If you need a quick online “Countdown Timer”, try this one.
You can simply highlight the time and type in your personal preference.
On the lower right side is the option to toggle it to “full-screen”.
The best feature is found with the “gear” on the lower left side.
Click on that, and you will find an embed code.
You simply “copy and paste” it to permanently add this timer to one of your classroom website pages.
We have embedded an example below.

Another fun feature is the option to add an assortment of music as your timer counts down.
Try it when your class has five minutes to line up for recess, or seven minutes to unpack their book-bags and turn in their homework.

(Excuse the “ads”, but, again, “Free.)

And if you would just rather play Rossini’s William Tell Overture,
we can oblige you with that, too.

Have a great Sunday!
Get outside!
Have a great week!
And even if the weather isn’t perfect,
we hope you find the time to “visit fresh air” with your students, too.

Random Word Generator

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Monday Morning Message ~ 4-4-2011

And it’s free… 

This is a quick way to randomly choose students.

If you have a SMARTBoard, we suggest you use the “Random Word Generator”.
Add your students’ names, and save it in your “My Content” folder within a sub-folder labeled “Management”.

If you don’t have a SMARTBoard, we suggest a website called classtools.net.
This is a free resource, and you have a choice of two “generators”.

With the “Fruit Picker”, a name is chosen and you have the option of removing it, after it is chosen.

With the “Typewriter” generator, you do not have that option, but it also eliminates the “Casino” theme.
Once your names are typed in, you can save it to your desktop as a shortcut.

To watch a quick video for each of these…

Add some fun to your week!